Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am a possitive woman

I am a possitive woman, who likes to laugh, be happy and I like people like this around me. I enjoy with lots of different things. I am a curious person and I love to discover the surprises that life prepares for us everyday. I also think that no matter what age you are, you can never loose ilusion to do and share things with the one/s you love. Age is more in the spirit than in the biology of everyone. I love nature, the sun, the fresh air, the mountains, the snow, reading a good book by the fireplace, culture, cultivated and cosmopolitan people, a good movie, an opera, a ballet, travelling with the one I love and discovering or redescovering places toghether. I like so many things that I would need a couple of days to describe them all. I will tell you the next time.Being with friends, couple, good conversation, travelling, fine dinning, a good wine, reading, music, gym, going to the beach/mountains/nature, sharing special and unique moments with my lovePeople with good mood, happy, possitive, good vibrations, laughing faces, funny, optimistic, cosmopolitan, open-minded. No time in life for bad mood and unhappiness, life is too short for that.